Where To Look for Fine Wine

Two lone bottles of age needed wines remain; St. Julien and St. Emilion.
When looking for fine wines and wine that need time to meld and develop, look to auction houses like Sotheby’s and Hart Davis Hart. Also, a reputable fine wine shop with a wine buyer that knows fine wine inside and out will have access to these types of wines also.
Before you buy, educate yourself. Visit Sotheby’s and Hart Davis Hart’s web sites to familiarize yourself on the subject of fine wine.

Happy Searching


Why fine art has overtaken wine as a lucrative luxury investment asset


Flea Market Art

I found this beautiful piece at a flea market last summer.  It graces my family room and brings us much visual joy each time we walk my it.  
Flea markets are haven for treasures some if it hasn’t been your thing..think about making it your thing. 

How much did I pay for this lovely?  $4.00. Yes four dollars. 

Your Wine Life, Your Way

Wine is a lifestyle and should live it the way you like. You pick wines based on your taste and preferences. And you know your taste and perferences because you’ve tasted a few wines in your lifetime to know. 
Have confidence in your wine choices for any occasion even if you just want to sip while reading a magazine.

Personalize your wine life. Make it your own. 📷 from @cannellevanille

How to Pour Champagne

There is an art to pouring a glass of champagne. Keep the flow slow and steady to encourage the bubbles to collect around the sides and settle there before you finish pouring. from @champagne_world