Slow Living


Today I became aware of just how much my days run on autopilot. From frantic mornings to hectic dinners with a sprinkling of client meetings in between. Is autopilot how I want to live my life? I’ve made the decision to truly practice what I teach; slow elegant living. This means not racing through life not noticing the journey, being of every decision I make, appreciating the loving people in my life, celebrating little joys with wine, being grateful for gravity that keeps me grounded on this earth. So in celebration of slow, I’m sipping lambrusco and reading a new book fresh off the library shelf.

Cheers to slow 🍷

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The World of Interiors
On 26th September, Sotheby’s are holding a sale of the personal items from the collection of actress Vivien Leigh. The sale will include some of the actress’s most prized possessions from the home that she shared with her husband, Laurence Olivier.
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I love wines that make me feel like a grown up. I opened this while making dinner for my family. I paused at first sip, the rose came through and took me by surprise. Cabernet franc from Southern France can border on rustic. This 100% varietal is loaded with berries and earthiness and yes roses. Just what I needed today.

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Tonight’s French summer wine tasting lineup included wine from Loire, Rhone, Burgundy and Saint Emilion.  Our group learned what styles they liked, what they didn’t like and learned a great deal about what makes a French wine a French wine.

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Happy Bastille Day !!!!!

My Little Paris
So kitsch so lovely.
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July 14, 2017 at 04:43PM