My Motto

I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.


This morning’s “peu lire”. (little read)

Beautiful Finds: Marc Chagall Vase

Imagine owning this piece. Imagine each time you walk by it a smile comes across your face from the shear joy it’s beauty brings. Imagine. Marc Chagall Vase

How I Take a Quick Getaway


I have so many wine books. Whenever I feel as though I want to get away and can’t physically get away – I read a book or a fine wine magazine – something that transports me to a beautiful location.  And while I’m reading I sip wine.

When you think about it, wine in and of itself is a getaway of sorts. Wine represents a place. And when I sip, say an Italian Chianti, I am tasting the grapes, soil and traditions of Chianti. This feeling is the same for every wine I sip. Not the jug kind or the bulk kind. But the kind made by thoughtful wine makers, who respect the land that their grapes are grown on and artfully craft what nature gave them into something a wine lover like myself can enjoy.

Take a quick getaway for yourself. It will be time well spent.


If All You Needed Was Crisp And Citrus….

If you see a bottle of white wine in the wine isle that has a label with roosters and French writing – pick it up, take it home and enjoy the crisp citrus experience.

Southern France Tonight

Looking forward to sipping the chewy baby tonight. It’s from southern France, made with old vine carignan, grenache and Syrah.
This wine is only from those of you who love intense robust wines with a spicy bite.