What If There Was Another Way to Write Tasting Notes

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I have been classically trained, so to speak in the verbiage of wine tasting notes. WSET likes them a certain way and who am I to argue.

Tasting notes are written in the order that they are received by the senses.  What you visually see is first, then how is smells, we move on to how it feels in the mouth; the weight of it, the sensations and the tingling…it can be quite sensual if you think about it…another blog post! Alas, how long those sensations last in your mouth. With a great wine, fine or otherwise, the memory could last years.

Professional tasting notes though poignant at best, may not really capture or entice the non-professional to purchase.

I propose an additional way of taking wine tasting notes, for everyone else. Notes on how a wine makes you feel.

Take for example La Vielle Ferme Recolte (blanc) 2014:

Vin de France, Vallee du Rhone

Cepages:  Bourboulenc, Grenache Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Vermentino

The wine is clear and bright with a pale lemon color, presence of legs. The nose is clean and developing, showing medium intensity aromas of lemon peel, green apples, fresh peaches and hints of vanilla and neutral white flowers. The wine is dry in the mouth with a medium+ acidity. It has a medium+ alcohol and a medium+ body with a rich mouthfeel. It has medium intensity flavors of lemon peel, orange blossom, green apples, peaches and mandarin. The finish is medium. It is a good quality wine with nice fruit concentration. Based on the acidity, drink now or hold for 1-2 years.

Aka….{The yellow color feels inviting like sunshine or clear day. The smell is a little off at first, like boiled eggs, but after a swirl it went away. It then smelled like fresh lemons, and apples and peaches; reminding of family trips to the orchard. The taste is so refreshing! The lemons, apples and peach flavors are light and creates a lighthearted carefree mood. Perfect now for that last summer, early fall picnic lunch with family and friends}

Now that’s a wine I want to buy!


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