Chanel and Irish Cream



There are days when wine is just not strong enough. You know those days when you wake up late. This of course puts the entire household in a frenzy to where now the children are late for school, you’re late for a meeting that doesn’t go so well because you forgot to bring the packet you needed…you know, the one you worked on for days; the spiral continues downward. You get a call…mom, I forgot my gym cloths can you bring them to me? Finally home it gets worse. Because upon returning, someone, not naming names here, left the new puppy out of his cage to roam the house and chew everything in sight. The wicker baskets, the cable wires, are those my shoes?????  And the toilet paper damage looked like our neighbors tree after it was bombed by teenage pranksters. What a mess! And what was that I just stepped in? In the cage goes the puppy then the cleanup begins…you’re cursing through the entire process. Almost through cleanup you think, what are we having for dinner? Scrounging through the refrigerator you see nothing appealing and you certainly had no time to pick up anything to make. Did you really feel like cooking anyway? You call your husband…bring home dinner!

Hours later things have calmed and you have an opportunity to reflect. You take off your Chanel necklace, you pour yourself a glass of The Irishman Irish Cream (to be exact), then breath a sigh of “I made it through the day relief”.  You sip, the beautiful vanilla toffee laddened sweetness coats your mouth, you begin to feel fabulous. While you’re sipping you realize, life is a cornucopia of moments one after the other streaming together. No matter how bad, how wonderful it is that after one of the crappiest days ever, you can push the reset button, treat yourself to a beautiful drink and begin again anew.

Then again that might have been the Irish cream talking.





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