A leisurely read pairs well with a glass of wine…

You should see all of the magazines I have piled in corners in my home – cooking magazines, health magazines, home and garden magazines; seemingly too many magazines. I love reading magazines. Although to my family it appears to be excessive, to me it’s a plethora of ideas that I can implement into my own life. As I browse through some of the titles and pages, I see an underlying theme; simplicity. I thrive on keeping my life and routines as simple as possible; simple recipes, simple décor, simple entertaining. My family benefits from this I can assure you. And in looking at my life from the inside out I can see the effects; I know what I like, I’m more grounded and growing more and more into the person I want to be in this world. All of this from a variety of magazines.

Okay so don’t laugh, I have wine while reading my magazines. Here’s how the pairings go:

— home and garden magazines like House and Garden pairs well with a glass of simple elegance like Fleurie (red) from Beaujolais.

— food magazines like Bon Appetit pairs well with something rustic like malbec (red) laddened Cahors from the south of France.

— health magazines like Eating Well pairs well with something light and non-intrusive like albarino (white) from Spain.

— wine magazines like Decanter pairs well with wines that are complex and grip you like a terroir conscious pinot noir (red) from Burgundy.

— art magazines like Fine Art Connoisseur pairs well with a refined drink like Champagne (white or rosé).

— lifestyle magazines like Le Pan pairs well with decadence like Sauternes (sweet white)

Try it for yourself. Your wine selections and magazines may be different from mine, and that’s okay. What’s important is the experience, moments in time. Simplicity. What may happen also is that you may get a better insight into your life and your choices, and how you want to be in this world; which is what it did for me. 



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