Lessons from a Coffee Cup ☕

I cook a lot at home. But once a month at least I venture out of my surroundings to experience and opening a new restaurant or café. This month I ventured to a new coffee and dessert shop – Café Intermezzo.

Café Intermezzo is famous for it’s espresso coffees and desserts, a landmark in the Atlanta area. Now I am fortunate enough to have one near me.

I ordered a regular coffee and tiramisu. The presentation was beautiful – coffee brought to me in a mini French press to enjoy in a mini coffee cup with saucer. The tiramisu was divine – luxurious layers of whipped espresso cream and cake. The best I have ever had in the states.

I sat outside partaking of the people walking by and sites. It almost felt as though I was in Paris. The experience was perfect.

While sipping my coffee I realized I was sipping from this perfect little cup. The cup was shaped to fit my fingers – sloped, smooth and dainty. Carefully though out by management, I’m sure, to give the best coffee sipping experience to whomever partakes.

I went home and all I could think about was the cup that I had my coffee in. I wanted to recreate the experience I had at the café each morning. The hunt was on. I started with Amazon. The search included…”Café Intermezzo coffee cups”. A slew of cups enter my search stream; nothing that looked even close to what I drank from. I searched Williams-Sonoma, nothing. I searched “wholesalers of coffee cups”, nothing close.

A week of searching turned up nothing even close to what I was looking for. Finally I said to myself, just asked management at Café Intermezzo where they get their coffee cups. I explained I search everywhere and couldn’t not find them. They explained to me that the reason I couldn’t find them is because they were custom made for Café Intermezzo, and that I would never find them anywhere else. Guess what my next question was….”Can I buy a couple from you”? “Yes you can, we have some new sets coming in next week”, “I will put a couple of sets aside for you”.

I now get to enjoy, each morning, coffee of my choice from a very lovely cup. I sip with a smile.

There are several lessons I learned from my experience:

1. Never give up on what you want

2. You always get what you focus on..eventually

3. Never settle for less than what you want

4. We are all custom made…

Savor your moments…you never know what you may find.


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