About Me

My name is Jacqueline Chambliss, thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

My first experience with wine was at a friends house just after turning 21. The only thing I remember was drinking something that tasted a lot like grape juice, poured from an odd shaped bottle. I remember thinking as I was sipping it, this tastes like grape juice. Well, many sips of that grape juice throughout the night left me with a horrible hangover the next day. I didn’t have what I thought was wine again for a long time.

My second experience was much different. I was at a dinner party. It was my first time attending a really fancy party. Upon entering I saw people standing around before dinner was served, talking about world affairs while sipping sparkling wine. I didn’t try it, thinking I wouldn’t like it. When dinner was served another wine was poured, this time from a carafe. It was blushed colored. As I looked at the wine in my glass I thought, boy that’s a beautiful color. It was glistening and clear and a beautiful shade of pink, so different from the grape juice I had had years before. What I tasted from that glass change my entire life.

I tasted something I didn’t understand. The taste was somewhat sweet, and refreshing and a little bit like berries. It tasted beautiful. What stuck me the most about the wine was how I felt while sipping it. It felt like poetry. Why? From that day on I have been on the quest for the why. Why did the wine taste that way? What made it such a beautiful drink?

I decided to take a wine class to find out. My first class as a Wine Spectator course…Intro to Wine. It was so fascinating to learn that wine came from specific wine grapes and that specific areas grew these grapes. I kept going with my wine education; certification after certification and am now educated enough to share what I have learned with others. I teach, I consult and help people to understand the “why” of wine.

You see it’s not just about wine, it’s about places, history and the culture associated with that.

You get more enjoyment out of wine when you are more mindful of what you are sipping. Ponder where it came from, the artistry of what it took to blend it in just the right balance of acidity, tannin, weight, fruit and alcohol – all compliments of the artist or wine maker whose sole purpose is to make you smile.

I am a French Wine Scholar, wine educator, wine broker, and wine lifestyle advocate with a passion for art, culture and luxurious moments.

What I know is that wine is a part of life and a way of life and it’s my mission to share what I know about wine and wine culture.

I offer wine collection consulting, personalized one on one wine classes and I curate group wine immersion experiences to some of the most beautiful wine locations in the world.

If you are interested in working with me, or have any questions please contact me at: Jacqueline Chambliss | jacqueline@jacquelinechambliss.com

Bookings: Vine Life Consulting

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